Det visuella nöjet : En studie av spelestetik och dess påverkan på användarupplevelser

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Umeå universitet/Institutionen för informatik


Aesthetics is an important part of a user experience and can affect users in several different ways. This study aims to examine how the aesthetics of games affect the user experience and furthermore, it tries to establish which aspects and elements of game aesthetics that are relevant for this purpose. However, this study only aims to examine the visual part of game aesthetics and therefore, sound has been precluded from the games that were used in this study. To gather information about these user experiences, eight respondents got to play five games each – Minecraft, Monument Valley, Portal, Pac-Man and Unravel. Their experience was then evaluated, partly through a semi-structured interview but also with the methods 3E – Expressing Emotions and Experiences and This-or-That. The gathered data was then analyzed through theories of game aesthetics, both according to its functionality and its impact on feelings and beyond this, theories of emotional design and the hedonic and pragmatic model of a user experience.

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