Att välja hårdvaruplattform för Internet of Things projekt : En jämförelse mellan Raspberry Pi och Arduino

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Mittuniversitetet/Avdelningen för informationssystem och -teknologi

Sammanfattning: The work described in this thesis is aimed at comparing Raspberry Pi model 3 B and Arduino Uno with an ESP8266 wifi module to see which one is most suitable to use in a Internet of Things project where data collecting from an sensor, processed and then presented. The method for this comparison is to divide the work. First, price and power consumption will be evaluated. Then, the stability of communication over wifi will be tested. Finally, the time it takes to design a program on the platforms will be measured. The result from the comparison show that the Raspberry Pi is the best choice for this type of Internet of Things projet. However, which platform to choose depends on the specific goals of the project since the platforms are good at different things. A server written in Python communicates with the Raspberry Pi by using socket to socket communication, the Raspberry Pi collects the data from the sensor and then sends it to the server. The server then saves the data in a database by the unit identification number. Then a webpage was designed that presented the data to the user. A usabiity test was done on the webpage and the result from the usability test showed that the test users was satisfied with the usability with the page, exept the choice of colors, which was fiexd.

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