Sales promotions påverkan på konsumenters köpbeteende

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: Title: Sales promotions effect on consumer behaviour - a mixed method study examining sales promotions effect on consumer loyalty and its’ contributory to overconsumption Seminar date: 2020-06-03 Course: FEKH29, Business Administration: Bachelor Degree Project in Marketing Undergraduate Level, 15 credits Authors: Linnea Agorelius, Sandra Bodell & Martin Rismyhr Advisor: Jayne Jönsson Keywords: CRM, sales promotion, customer behaviour, loyalty, overconsumption. Purpose: The purpose of the study has been to examine what kind of effect promotion has on consumers, and whether the effect is big enough to persuade the consumer to purchase something, simply because of promotion. Another aspect in the study is if promotion can be a contributing factor to consumer overconsumption. As well as examining whether promotion can affect consumer loyalty. Methodology: The study has used a mixed research method, a research method where primary data of both quantitative and quality research method has been used. The reasoning being that this form of research method would give the best possible outcome. A survey was put out, where the respondents answered both quantitative and qualitative questions. Theoretical perspectives: The theoretical perspectives in the study have been used to analyze the empirical material and to help form a deeper understanding of how consumers act due to sales promotion. The theoretical perspectives used in the study have been for example the marketing mix and the buying decision process. Empirical foundation: The empiricxal material in the study consists of a total of 11 questions, through a survey. Of these, 9 were quantitative, and 2 qualitative. These responses were then analyzed with the used theoretical perspectives. Conclusions: It is difficult for companies to build loyalty, as it can be concluded that many consumers choose companies with good offers and promotions. Adjusted offers for consumers can increase a company's chance for loyalty. Using thoughtful offers and promotion, the chance for repurchase increases. This will in turn be a contributor factor for increased overconsumption.

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