Erfarenhetsåterföring  På Skanska  Installation

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Fastigheter och byggande


The purpose of this master thesis has been to explore how Skanska Installation can be organized and managed from a Feedback of experience perspective, and define how an IT solution for knowledge management can be designed by identifying the company's current needs in communications, structural capital and information management.

The study follows a deductive approach with a qualitative starting point. Using the literature  studies  the theoretical references were built, which is of great importance when using  a deductive approach.

Furthermore the report is based on a case study on two different projects: Herrgården and Nattsländan. With the collected empirical data from the case  study the analysis was carried out with the theoretical framework as a basis. This finally led to the conclusions of the study.

The purpose of a communications plan is to show how the communication between employees must be managed to best move the project forward. Emphasis is placed on the formal and informal communication of the company. I encourage to use the IT platform where shared documents are collected and notices of meetings are sent out. The advantage of this is that all information is gathered in one place, the disadvantage is that it is sometimes difficult to get the project participants to use the platform under time constraints.

Finally when the project is completed it is important not to lose the knowledge that has been gained while working. It is therefore necessary to consider the transfer of knowledge to facilitate the work in future projects.



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