Allt är normalt - Vilka erfarenheter har individer med förlossningsbristning av vården postnatalt? En systematisk litteraturstudie

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Sammanfattning: Background: Obstetric perineal injuries affect a large number of individuals after vaginalchildbirth. It can cause various complications and affect long-term psychological andphysiological health. In postnatal care, the midwife’s role is central to the recovery of thosewho suffer from perineal injuries. State research reports challenges in postnatal care. Noresearch on if the individual’s encounters with health care affect their recovery has been done.To improve recovery, knowledge about this topic is vital.Aim: To examine what experiences individuals with obstetric perineal injury have whenencountering postnatal health care and how it might affect their recovery.Method: A systematic literature review with qualitative articles, using the databases PubMedand Cinahl. Seven articles were included. Data was analyzed using inductive content analysis.Results: A total number of 1918 participants were included. Four main themes wereidentified; “Lack of knowledge among women”, “Inaccessible health care”, “Health careimpacts recovery” and “Moving on”. It emerged that meeting the right person within thehealth care was vital to women’s recovery. This key person was often hard to find due to lackof accessibility in health care, in terms of difficulties navigating and finding appropriate andindividual care and information. Instead, many women experienced that health careprofessionals minimized and normalized their problems. This generated feelings of frustrationand shame, which led to increased loneliness and isolation.Conclusion: The results provide an important insight for midwives in how encounters withhealth care can affect the recovery from a perineal injury. They also show that personcenteredcare can encourage individuals’ recovery and that the health care is in need ofdevelopments to make it more individualized and accessible. This would help moreindividuals with their problems and improve their recovery and quality of life.

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