Analys av revisionsarbetet på Forsmarks kärnkraftverk

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Uppsala universitet/Kärnfysik


This thesis is the final part of bachelors program of Nuclear Engineering at UppsalaUniversity (program code KKI1). The work has been carried out in cooperation withForsmark Kraftgrupp AB. The topic studied deals with possible improvements ofefficiency at the planning department at block 2 in Forsmark i.e. FMP2.

FMP2 plans and coordinates over 3,000 operations which is carried out during theannual overhaul of block 2 in Forsmark. Inspections, fuel replacement and repairs areincluded in the annual overhaul. The overhaul shall contribute to secure and reliableoperation of the block.

The overhaul shall mitigate the risk of unplanned downtime. Also accidents, financiallosses and damage to reputation among public and the Regulators (i.e. SSM and IAEA)shall be avoided. The time for overhaul depends on actions that must be executedand the complexity of the work. Normally, the overhaul time last for a number ofweeks and in rarely cases it can last for months.

One topic in the thesis has been to find and describe a way for the planningdepartment (FMP2) to improve status control in ongoing overhaul activities and toincrease the planning department efficiency i.e. to save time for the planningdepartment. With better status control and faster work in the planning departmentthe total overhaul time can be expected to be shortened. Additionally the thesisdiscusses the importance of reliable and secure nuclear power management with therespect to society.

The thesis is partly based on examine of current work practices, a literature studyand interviews with employees. The literature study addresses interaction betweenhumans and technology and how to accomplish good decisions. The interviews havebeen made to gather experiences from earlier used working methods.

This report shows that FMP2 's current working model is good, although not perfect.It is probable that efficiency improvements at the individual level can be reached thatincreases employed personnel working capacity. Enhanced efficiency can also bereached by using better computer programs that manages the functions that currentlyrequire several separate IT-systems. A number of recommendations are given in thereport for how operations can be improved. Among other things, a proposal toexplore how extraordinary working efforts shall be rewarded.

The nuclear power energy importance for the Swedish electricity power balance hasbeen discussed. The conclusion is that customers, electricity generators and thepublic benefits from reliable and secure nuclear power management.

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