Negativ självbild hos personer med ätstörning - Sjuksköterskans bedömning och åtgärder

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Sammanfattning: Eating disorders is a group of serious psychiatric illnesses characterized by persistent problems with food intake. Previous research shows that patients with eating disorders often have a negative self-concept, which can mean that they have, for example, high self-criticism and self-contempt. The negative self-concept can affect both the onset, maintenance and treatment outcome of the eating disorder. The purpose of this study was to investigate nurses' experiences of patients' negative self-concept in people with an eating disorder. How does the nurse pay attention to and assess the patient's self-concept? What strategies does the nurse use to strengthen the patient's self-concept? The study was conducted as an inductive qualitative interview study based on semi-structured questions. A total of six interviews were conducted with participants from southwest Sweden who work in various eating disorder units. The results show that negative self-concept is common and emerges in conversations with the patient, but that no specific assessment methods were used. The results also show that the nurses did not use any specific nursing measures to strengthen self-concept, but that several indirect actions were taken. The study contributes to highlighting an important topic and to in-depth knowledge of the nurse's experiences of caring for patients with a negative self-concept. The nurse needs more knowledge to be able to work in a more structured way with the patient's self-concept in psychiatric nursing.

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