Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för kulturvård

Sammanfattning: The aim of the thesis is to examine handbooks of horticulture concerning the subjects involved with kitchen gardening during the period of 1830 – 1930. To develop a more thorough investigation and to be able to compare what changes might have occurred in literature considering main focus and descriptions between the handbooks of the earlier period it was considered important to also including a comparison between handbooks written by earlier female writers. The issues that was addressed in this study discussed how craftmanship of the kitchen garden is described throughout the ages, trying to distinguish changes and variations and analyze the possible cause. Another issue concerned in which way the contents of handbooks may differ. The investigation consisted mainly of a textual analysis. Areas of categories that was highlighted for this study was ground- and soil conditions, fertilizing/composting, digging, watering, knowledge of fruit- and berry growing and seed-growing. The results of the study show how the subjects for contents of the handbooks follow a similar pattern in the books, all the highlighted categories are included. However, the share of the content varies. There are discrepancies regarding the early female writers that can be explained by the facts that women were encouraged to address issues concerning the domestic area. Examples of areas where the early female authors share is larger than their contemporary male counterparts are ground- and soil conditions and especially for fertilizing/composting. Another difference to be noticed is the use of experts and recollection of science. Regarding the very early authors one could expect the author to express knowledge in all the subjects in the handbook. Later there is a transition where experts are contributing to the texts in the handbooks with one editor responsible. The study can be seen as a first attempt to describe and measure variation that occur during the lapse of time concerning certain parts of the content of handbooks for kitchen gardening. This outline study can form the basis of more in-depth studies useful for improvements in our understanding of historic horticulture.

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