Hur kan ett utökat BIM-användande uppnås i infrastruktursektorn? : En fallstudie av NCC:s lokala projektorganisation i Uppsala

Detta är en Master-uppsats från

Författare: Axel Alfredsson; Erik Berefelt; [2019]

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Sammanfattning: The purpose of this thesis is to examine how BIM can be used in a more widespread way at a contractor's project organization within infrastructure. This includes an analysis of the factors that are important to take into account and what barriers an organization must overcome. The thesis has also compared infrastructure- and real-estate projects in terms of BIM-usage. A case study has been carried out at the construction company NCC in Sweden with a qualitative approach. The study builds on a theoretical framework and empirical data that have been gathered through a literature review and interviews. The results show that there is a need for at least one person responsible, and with mandate to drive change at a local level in the organization. The planning and production phase need a consensus on how to work with BIM and how the technology should be used within a project organization. There is also a need for a requirement and monitoring process towards planners and consultants before the planning process starts. Moreover, the study concludes that BIM usage in infrastructure projects differ from that of real estate project. It therefore suggests that the two should not be directly compared in terms of the potential of the technology. Keywords: BIM, Building information modelling, Infrastructure, Case study, Innovation, Project-based organizations

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