Ett nytt pedagogiskt material! : 4DFrame, hur kan man arbeta praktiskt med det?

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Södertörns högskola/Lärarutbildningen


The objective of this study is to investigate a new pedagogical material called 4DFrame, how it is experienced by informants and how suitable it is in education - in particular mathematics. Socioculturalperspective has a central role in this study when students are given opportunities for linguistic and social interaction during the experiment with the new pedagogical material. The methodology for this study has been visits, interviews, and observations. The study reveals that there are different views on the didactic potential for mathematics of the new teaching material, though no conclusions can be drawn regarding whether this material is more or less suitable in teaching since no research have been found that compares this with other pedagogical materials. Both national and international studies show the need to find alternative and better ways to make mathematic education meaningful. One way to change and improve mathematics teaching may be to demonstrate the possibilities of working with new educational materials.The study highlights potential usages informants disclosed to me. When asked to compare with other educational materials the informants listed in positive terms the materials creative imagination stimulating properties and durability. The informants also indicated that students' mathematical creativity was developed by the playful way of making designs based on drawings, and look for patterns in their designs and also having a playful way to calculate angles, calculate and estimate material consumption.

During class evaluation gatherings students also sent their observations and reflections to classmates which contributed to new ideas. The group work integrated various substances which helped the students and included mathematics, Swedish language, technology, visual and IT technologies in their lessons. Preschools received material with joy, curiosity, and excitement. The children began to play and role play when they were presented with the new teaching material.

The disadvantages of the informants said were that the material was expensive to buy, the boxes the material was stored in were too small and that there were no Swedish instructions. Some respondents also felt that it was difficult to keep track of all the small parts. The majority of the respondents, even those who also were critical, however, stated that the new teaching material is suitable to teach geometry.

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