Employer Attraction & Employee Retention in the Pharmaceutical Industry of Egypt and Pakistan

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: This thesis is placed in the context of Employer Attractiveness and Employee Retention within the Pharmaceutical Industry of Egypt and Pakistan. Most of the studies conducted in the past are either specifically done on Employer Attractiveness, Employer Branding, or a combination of both, indicating a lack of research between employer attractiveness and employee retention; thus, this thesis will bridge the gap between them and will be a great contribution. The purpose of this thesis is to identify what factors attract potential employees from Egypt and Pakistan to work in the Pharmaceutical Industry and, after gaining employment, what factors retain them to keep working in the industry. The study also indicates the disappointment in the attractiveness factors by the employees after employment. The empirical data was collected through a survey with structured questionnaires. A response of 103 was collected, 50 from Egypt and 53 from Pakistan, and the responses were analyzed using a quantitative method. The findings from the empirical data indicated a positive correlation between the Attractiveness/Retention factors with Employer Attractiveness and Employee Retention in both the countries. Moreover, the regression model explained what Attractiveness/Retention factors were significant in explaining Employer Attractiveness and Employee Retention. We can conclude from our analysis that the survey results are in line with what we expected to see based on our review of previous research and our analytical model. The top attractive factors are not necessarily the same as the top retention factors, according to the study. The results also indicated that compensation and benefits in both countries are not a significant retention factor in retaining employees. HR professionals should also be mindful of the variances in branding considerations. As a result, it's vital to comprehend employees' personal lives and backgrounds in order to employ the appropriate retention strategies. Moreover, our findings indicate that marital status may play a role in determining the top retention factors. Lastly, this outcome is in line with previous research findings. However, personal differences also have an impact on job retention, according to this study.

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