En lidande gemenskap : studie om det Stora nordiska krigets påverkan på karoliners kollektiva identitet 1700-1721

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Historia

Sammanfattning: This study shines new light on how the carolean soldiers collective identity may have been affected by the Great northern war. With the use of social identity theory and by analyzing how the caroleans differentiate themselves from the cosacks and russians it is possible to see if there is a potential shift in their collective identity. Established is that the caroleans had a national identity rooted in religion, but how would an immense crisis such as the great northern war affect this identity? Although no major shift in their identity was visualized through the study the caroleans did embrace new identity features. As prisoners of war in Russia they became a selfdescribed 'suffering community'. Their suffering made them turn to god and faith, even more so than before. Social identity theory also shed new light on 'the myth of a swedish Israel'. As it showed how the myth could be used to avoid negative comparisons with the enemy. This in turn shifted the focus from ''the enemy being superior'' to ''our sins caused our downfall''.

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