Planering för en effektiv hemtjänst - En fallstudie om kapacitetsplanering och schemaläggning inom Hemtjänsten i Kungsbacka Kommun

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: The healthcare sector in Sweden and the rest of the world is facing many challenges with an agingpopulation and multi-morbidity. The system requires enough competent health care personnel toperform tasks, while the operations departments need to use the resources in an efficient way.Capacity planning and scheduling in the healthcare is complex, but essential in order to meet theincreasing demand in healthcare. In the home care sector, it includes efficiently planning all thecare needed and scheduling of personnel, and finding the right digital aids to support theoperations.Since 2019 the home care in Kungsbacka municipality is using the planning tool IntraPhone whichhas created some obstacles in operations. At the same time, Kungsbacka is using digital aids as apart of its strategy of digitalisation. The purpose of this study is to show how the home care inKungsbacka municipality is using capacity planning and scheduling in their operations. The goalwith the report is to find possible areas of improvement and how the units can work moreefficiently.The study has a qualitative approach. The empiric material consists of interviews conducted withpersonnel, planners and managers in the organisation. Also, a representative at IntraPhone hasbeen interviewed. To use benchmarking, interviews have been conducted with two people workingat two different municipalities which are leading in the field of digital aids and planning; to gatherinspiration in what Kungsbacka can do to improve their operations. Lastly, theory has been usedbased on secondary data about scheduling and capacity planning; in both industries and thehealthcare sector.Based on the primary and secondary data, the current situation has been described and areas ofimprovement have been found. Among the areas of improvement are: to divide the home care unitsto work in smaller geographic areas and to move the staff between the different units. In addition,the planners should only work with the planning department and not in the daily operations, tomake the planning more efficient. The staff should also have more time in their schedule fordocumentation to improve the communication between the staff and improve the care given to thecaretakers. Planned time for documentation would help the staff to give better care and a betterwork situation. Digital aids could be used to improve efficiency in the organisation. Lastly, themain area of improvement seems to be internal and external communication.

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