Energilagring lokalt hos kund för reducerad toppeffektförbrukning

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från

Författare: Oscar Forsman; [2018]

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Sammanfattning: Over a day the electrical load in a grid fluctuates over time and has power peaksduring certain times of the day. These power peaks often coincide when residentialhouses connected to the grid have their peaks. Power peaks is one factor whendesigning grids and make the power companies to invest in more transmissioncapability to handle an increase of power consumption at their customers.Todaythe most common way for power companies to bill their customer is by the amountof energy they use. To create an incentive for customers to even out their powerconsumption, power companies can bill their customers by their power peaksinstead, which they can lower with their energy storage.This thesis shows that technologically it is possible to utilize batteries forcontrolling customer loads to reduce their power peaks during the billable time ofthe day at different levels. It also proves that the customers can get economicadvantages by reducing their power peaks, creating an incentive for them to do so.Today it is hard to motivate energy storage for reducing power peaks at thecustomers with long pay-back times. With the decreasing price of batteries in thefuture, this becomes more favorable for the customers who can see economicbenefit from this. The power companies can also see benefit from this since theircustomers even out their load and thereby even out the load of the grid over theday, making it possible to postpone grid extensions.

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