Girls just wanna have fun - Tjejers rätt till tjejgrupper

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Malmö högskola/Fakulteten för hälsa och samhälle (HS)

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this essay is to examine how girls groups, particularly in school, can help girls with feelings of stress and pressure they can experience in their everyday life. We also want to examine how girls groups can be used, and explain why they should be held in school and not only in other organizations. The information we’ve gathered comes from books and websites that cover the subject. In addition to this, we’ve also handed out surveys and implemented interviews with both younger girls with girls groups experience, a teacher and a youth recreation leader. The theoretical aspect of this essay stems from two different theories: Labeling theory and Strain theory. Labeling theory emphasizes the fact that society often labels people who may or may not have a deviant behavior. Strain theory focuses on delinquency and deviant behavior that is the cause of pressure an individual in different ways can have in their life. These theories have been chosen to show the pressure and stress that girls can suffer from today.Our research shows that girls have different problems today and that they do suffer from pressure and stress in different aspects, such as school, their home environment and personal problems. The information we’ve assembled shows that girls groups can be a part of the solution to these types of problems. By participating in these types of groups, with activities and talks about thoughts and emotions, the possibility of bullying and excluding behavior can be reduced. The information in this essay comes mostly from Swedish references due to the fact that international references seemed to have a different angle on girls groups than we were looking for. Through the creation of this essay, we’ve come to realize that girls groups doesn’t exist in the school system and that we feel that it should be considered. Our hope for the future is that girls groups can be a part of the Swedish curriculum.

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