Hur arbetar Tesla för att nå ut till sin publik?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: Title:​ How is Tesla reaching their audience? Seminar date:​ 31 may 2018. Course:​ FEKH29, Degree Project Undergraduate level, Business Administration, Undergraduate level, 15 University Credits Points Authors:​ Andreas Kandefelt, Henrik Svantesson and Martin Wesström. Advisor:​ Oskar Christensson Key words:​ Social media, Rhetoric, Brand Community, Tesla and Marketing Purpose:​ The projects purpose is to research how a popular company can reach their interested parties without using any form of traditional advertising thorough analysis of Tesla’s communication and brand community. Methodology:​ We are using a qualitative method in this project. To gather empirical data we research online pages that are associated with Tesla, such as Tesla’s media platforms and the sites that are used by Tesla’s Brand Community. We have separate method for each platform in order to find the posts that are the most representative. We specially look out for the post that are based on official communication originating from the organisation, but also posts that are representative of the Brand Community. Theoretical perspectives:​ Rhetorical perspective using Ethos, Pathos and Logos which are in many way applicable on an organisations marketing, combined with Brand Community perspective which are an specialized association of consumers and employees to a brand which follows the brand with great interest. Empirical foundation:​ The studied object is Tesla, their founder Elon Musk, Tesla’s webpage, Tesla’s Twitter, Tesla’s Reddit and Tesla’s online forum. Conclusions: ​Tesla is building their brand by publishing information in their official channels. By combining ethos, logos and pathos in their communication on social media they are building a successful brand. We found four distinct rhetorical strategies that we believe may contain valuable lessons for marketers. Tesla's brand community spread the information further and gives it larger reach than only the official channels. This gives altogether a many times bigger reach than only the official channel. It becomes a very efficient communication that enable Tesla to not having to use advertising in the traditional sense.

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