Adaptation of emission factors for the Tunisian carbon footprint tool

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Energisystemanalys

Sammanfattning: In Tunisia, the National Agency for the Environment is encouraging the creation of a carbon footprint method specifically adapted to the Tunisian context. In cooperation with the French National Agency for the Environment, the adaptation of the French carbon footprint method is realised and has to go along with an adaptation of the emission factors. In this framework, this master thesis aims at presenting the emission factors adaptation process led to adapt the accounting tool. First, a literature review enables to present the main notions useful to understand the precise definition of emission factor. Then, a preliminary study of the main carbon footprint tools is presented so as to identify the main characteristics of a carbon footprint method. A comparison is then done to present the differences which can occur between the previous methods. Finally, for each category of emission factor, the adaptation process is presented showing three different ways to adapt emission factors: a replacing of the data in the calculations, an adaptation based on local studies and a more difficult adaptation requiring to develop a new method.

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