Conformal field theory at large N

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Teoretisk fysik

Sammanfattning: The conformal bootstrap method is a non-perturbative method that uses the symmetry in a conformal field theory to constrain and solve for the observables in the theory. We consider a conformal field theory with the symmetry group SU(N) and four general scalar fields as the only low dimensional operators. The four-point correlation function of a quartic interaction of four general scalar fields in a conformal field theory can be written as a sum over primary operators. In order to study the four-point correlator a large-N expansion is made, where N comes from the symmetry group SU(N). Using the conformal bootstrap method the anomalous dimension of the primary operators in the four-point correlator is calculated. Using the AdS/CFT correspondence the anomalous dimension of the primary operators is also calculated using Witten diagrams. 

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