Ny princip för spänningsreglering i Fortum Distributions mellanspänningsnät i Stockholm.

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från KTH/Elektriska energisystem

Författare: Mikael Sjöstedt; [2007]

Nyckelord: ;


The voltage regulation in Fortum Distributions medium voltage network in Stockholm does not work satisfactory. This results in too high distribution voltages with many customer complaints as a consequence. The reason is the model responsible for compensating for voltage drops in the distribution network. Despite several adjustments Fortum has not been able to find the source of the high voltages and has therefore appointed an investigation in the form of a thesis work.

The aim of this investigation is to locate the error and to produce a proposal regarding the solution of this error using the existing system, common industrial knowledge, state of the art research and the option to use voltage readings from the different substations.

The conclusion of this master thesis is that the largest contribution to the high voltage levels is made by the large compensation for distribution loses. Furthermore an additional error in the model has been found. Therefore this master thesis recommends Fortum to abandon the existing system and instead utilize the option to use voltage readings from the different substation.

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