Besiktning, byggfel och erfarenhetsåterföring i husbyggnadsprojekt

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/LTH Ingenjörshögskolan vid Campus Helsingborg

Sammanfattning: Title: Building inspection, defects and experience feedback in building construction projects Author: Emelie Furbacken Advisor: Radhlinah Aulin Division of Construction Management at the Institution of Building Science, Faculty of engineering LTH, Lund University Caroline Gullqvist Projekt Manager, Byggadministration Harald Olsson AB Examiner: Anne Landin Division of Construction Management at the Institution of Building Science, Faculty of engineering LTH, Lund University Problem/Question: 1. What are the problems of construction defects? 2. How does the construction control process look like for a common construction project? 3. What forms of building inspection exists for a construction project, and what regulations are avaliable about them in AB 04 and ABT 06? 4. What is continuous building inspection, and when to choose it for a construction project? Purpose: The purpose of the report is to highlight the problems of construction defects in building constructions. The phenomenon of continuous building inspection is to be explored, and the significance of inspection, at different stages of a construction project, is to be investigated. The construction control process should also be presented, and an additional objective of the report is that the conclusions should inspire futher studies in the subject area, as well as encourage experience feedback in the construction industry. Method: The questions and purpose of the report are expected to be answered and achieved through qualitative studies. The qualitative studies of the report are divided into three parts; literature study, observation and interview. Conclusion: The consequences of construction errors are major costs of action, stress and sick leave among participants in the project, major costs for society and individuals due to sick leave, lost working hours and lost energy due to unnecessary measures. Continuous inspection should be carried out for parts that are later hidden and mounts that have a repetitive effect. The benefits of choosing continuous inspection are that the project can be controlled in detail, an overview can be obtained throughout the process, the number of errors is reduced and prevented and there are better conditions for the completion of the end date. In construction projects you can win time, money and quality by preventing mistakes. This can be done by working with commitment and responsibility among participants in the project, having a good communication throughout the project and by selecting continuous inspection. The construction industry has development opportunities regarding documentation of inspection, quality control and experience feedback. Keywords: Continuous building inspection, experience feedback, construction defects.

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