Anpassningen av engelska lånord i svenskspråkiga diskussionsforum

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Umeå universitet/Institutionen för språkstudier

Sammanfattning: The aim of this study is to present how English borrowings (loanwords and phrases) are integrated into Swedish grammar and spelling rules. The hypothesis is that borrowings appearing in the unchanged form in Swedish occur much more frequently in internet forums than in press. The study is based on the analysis of a material consisting of around 70 English borrowings found in different entries from one of the largest Swedish online discussion forums, The whole corpus comprises of 661 randomly selected entries. Each of the 70 borrowings appears in every possible spelling variant and grammatical form. The statistics presenting the number of occurrences of a given borrowing come from 38 corpora available at Språkbanken. The material collected from online forums and from the newspapers and magazines, make it possible to compare the quantity of borrowings in these two types of media.  The study consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The former introduces the topic of borrowings while the latter is devoted to the analysis of the specific examples contained in the material.    The theoretical part begins with the presentation of the most popular classifications of borrowings appearing in the linguistic literature. Subsequently, there is a description of the three processes that each borrowed word must undergo before it appears in the recipient's language: the introduction, distribution, and establishment. At last is presented the way in which the grammatical type and the meaning of borrowings change when they enter the recipient's language.    The practical part focuses on the analysis of the examples. The borrowings are divided in nouns, adjectives, verbs and borrowed phrases. The study consists in a thorough investigation of all of the spelling variants and grammatical forms of individual words as well as in an observation of the number/frequency of their occurrence in both media. The study confirmed the hypothesis set out in the beginning, namely, that English borrowings that appear in Swedish in an unchanged form more frequently occur in the online discussion forums than in the press. It is also observed that nouns are the most numerous English borrowings encountered in Swedish, internet forums contain borrowings with a greater number of grammatical forms and spelling variants than the press and the phenomenon of borrowing complete English phrases occurs more often on the online forums than in the press.

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