Förutsättningar för enskilda samtal om våld i nära relation under graviditet – en kvalitativ intervjustudie med barnmorskor

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Sammanfattning: Background: Many women, all over the world are exposed to intimate partner violence and itis considered being a major health problem. Intimate partner violence duringpregnancy inherent great risks both for the mother and the unborn child. Themidwife’s work includes to identify and to make conversation on intimatepartner violence in the antenatal care. Midwives’ experience an obstacle inasking about violence when the partner is present. Experiences regarding thisperceived obstacle are less studied.Objective: The aim of this study was to describe midwives’ experiences and experiences increating conditions to identify and make conversation on intimate partnerviolence in private.Method: Qualitative interview study with seven participating midwives operating inantenatal care within the region of Västra Götaland, Sweden. Data analysis wasconducted by qualitative content analysis with an inductive reasoning.Results: In the data analysis, three themes emerged: Organizational external conditions,Interpersonal conditions of the care-relationship, The midwife’s intrapersonalconditions. Furthermore, 13 sub-themes emerged: Time for conversations,Collegial collaboration, Physical care environment, Permissible workenvironment, Routines and guidelines, Confidence in the care-relationship,Individualization, Partner’s participation in the care-relationship, Sensitivity forthe subject, Professional experience, Intiutive feeling, Sympathy, Fear ofreenforce intimate partner violence.Conclusions: The result gives an increased understanding of midwives experiences andexperiences in creating conditions to privately identify and make conversationon intimate partner violence in the antenatal care. Based on these experiences itis described how organizational, interpersonal and intrapersonal conditions canenable or prevent midwives from making conversations on intimate partnerviolence privately, during pregnancy.Keywords: Pregnancy, midwife, intimate partner violence, conversation, antenatal care

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