Implementering av TPU : En fallstudie om implementeringen av TPU på ABB Cewe-Control i Nyköping

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Linköpings universitet/Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för ekonomisk och industriell utvecklingKvalitetsteknik


If Swedish companies are to compete with companies in low-cost countries they have to achieve a more efficient production. The purpose of Total Productivity Maintenance (TPM) is to increase the company's profitability by increasing the productivity. TPM is a method that involves all employees and aims to prevent failures in order to increase the availability of existing equipment.

The aim of this paper is to evaluate the implementation process of TPM and give recommendations for the further implementation process. The conclusion and the analysis are based on a case study done at a production department at ABB Cewe-Controls facilities in Nyköping. The case study consists mainly of qualitative data from participation observations, surveys and interviews.

Commitment of the management is a key factor in the implementation process of TPM. The management of ABB Cewe-Control need to demonstrate their commitment in order for a change to happen. The case study shows that the commitment of both employee and management must be raised if the implementation process is to be successful. To avoid unnecessary conflicts or irritation in the further implementation process it is important to clarify responsibilities and roles in the implementation of TPM.

The case study has also shown that the training during the implementation process has not been sufficient. Proper training is needed to be able to conduct the implementation process of TPM in an effective manner. Proper training is also needed to raise the motivation of the staff.

Business Development is ABB’s methodology for the improvement work in the company. Business Development is a well-known concept in the organisation and has a well-defined connection with the company's strategic objectives. Because of this there is no reason why the improvement work and how it has been done should change. Business Development is a good foundation for the implementation of TPM and the improvement work in the future.

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