Karlstad Vision 100 000 och dess implementering för Karlstads Elnät AB 2011-2015

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Karlstads universitet/Fakulteten för teknik- och naturvetenskap


The town of Karlstad has a long term project called Vision 100 000 which aim is to increase the population towards 100 000 inhabitants. This will of course put a strain for the town’s energy distribution grid. This is a work about trying to predict the grids power usage would be for the next five years if the city building plan is finalized. Those predictions are mainly going to be done through calculations with a database program called Facilplus and by checking the measured history of power usage per hour on certain selected customers by the program CustCom.  The peak for power usage happened the 22 December at 4 am. This date is important because it would give the main measure for how much it the grid is able to deliver. The future prognoses of the power usage are then going to be calculated. This is going to be done by making sure that the total areas of newly constructed buildings are going to be measured. A mean value for area and power usage is then going to be calculated for respective single houses and apartment houses. This would in turn give the important necessary value that would enable to give Karlstad Elnät AB a mean to calculate a new primarily prognosis for the next five years plan. These prognoses would then be used as plans how to newly constructed habitation areas would affect the energy grid in Karlstad.

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