Hållbar och attraktiv? - En kvalitativ studie om hållbarhet i platsannonser

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / / Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: This study examines how five of the largest, swedish companies work with corporate socialresponsibility (CSR) and sustainability. The current study investigates how the companiespresent their work with sustainability in their annual sustainability reports. From an employerbranding perspective, this study also look into if the aspects presented in the sustainabilityreports also could be found in the job advertisements of the company. To narrow the focusdown, the study focuses on the social- and environmental aspects and not on the economic partof sustainability/CSR (Presley, Presley & Blum, 2018).Prior research in this area has focused on how companies work with sustainability connectedto employer branding and concludes that job seekers values a company that works withsustainability - for many different reasons. Most research has investigated job advertisementsin an international context, but there is a research gap regarding the swedish based context whythis study therefore contributes to research in this area. To seek understanding for thecommunication process, an important theoretical model in this study is the signaling theory.The signaling theory also facilitates the in process of how companies can help to reduceinformation cost for the job seeker depending on how much information they communicate(Connelly et al., 2011).The method used in this study is called qualitative content analysis (Bryman, 2016). The dataconsists of five sustainability reports, one from each company from the year of 2018. The dataalso consists of 50 most recent full time job advertisements from one specific date, 10 fromeach company. First, we analyzed the sustainability reports company wise with an open codingprocess. Second, we analyzed the job advertisements in each company based on categoriesfound in the first coding process using focused coding. Last, we sorted our identified categoriesunder two main categories; social and environmental in company wise matrixes.The result of this study shows that the companies mostly highlight the social aspects ofsustainability/CSR, both in the sustainability reports and in the job advertisements. From atheoretical, employer branding perspective this can be seen as they mostly signal social aspects.The information costs therefore reduces for the job seekers since the organization hascommunicated its sustainability engagement in the job advertisements. Diversity and inclusionis the most frequent found category according to the social aspect. Some environmental aspectsis also found, for example using sustainable materials and innovation.The conclusion of this study is that the five swedish companies have signaled a great part oftheir sustainability-work in their job advertisements although depending on which companystudied. From a theoretical perspective, this might be seen as that the information costs reducesfor the job seeker. According to this, one important conclusion is that there needs to be adeveloped communication between HR and the marketing department. It’s of great importancethat companies also can perform what they’ve communicated in their job advertisements to notbreak the psychological contract.

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