The challenges and improvement opportunities in a product-service sale process from a salesperson’s perspective : A case study at Scania

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Linköpings universitet/Industriell miljöteknik; Linköpings universitet/Industriell miljöteknik

Sammanfattning: The objective of this thesis is to identify how a salesperson perform the product-service sale process, through investigating the salesperson’s conditions, challenges, and improvement opportunities within. Based on this, recommendations are given regarding how the product-service sale process can be improved, and how to develop the ideal sale process. The research is conducted from a salesperson’s perspective, since it is the role who interacts the most with the product-service sale process.  To fulfil the objective, service design methodologies are utilized, and a case company is studied. Data is collected from 23 interviews, two focus groups and one ideation generation workshop, held at two different markets, and with people at the case company and salespeople responsible for selling services. The findings from the just mentioned methods are analysed by a thematic approach and with service design tools, and are, lastly, discussed with support from relevant literature from the literature study.  The thesis results in many different findings. One of the findings regards which and how actors influence the sale process, and how they are structured. The actors, and especially the salesforce, are structured differently at different markets. The salesforce has either an integrated structure or a separated structure. Another finding is that the identified challenges are similar to common uncertainties and challenges within a product-service system, and the conditions, that are not met, reflects necessary conditions within a value-based sale. Challenges regarding how sales of services are too time consuming, there is a mismatch between the service’s price and packaging to customer needs, and there is a complex communication structure in the salesforces. These three challenges are considered as the most important.  Recommendations are given at two levels. At the first level ideas for future actions. with the aim to solve challenges and fulfil conditions, are presented. Meanwhile, at the second level, ideal examples regarding development process, relationships and information flows, salesforce and sale process, for the case company, to strive towards, with the aim to create ideal conditions for a product-service sale, are presented.

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