Att nyttja marken 30 meter från järnvägen : hur platser, syften och miljö vävs samman

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från SLU/Dept. of Urban and Rural Development

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this work is to raise ideas and interest for land that is very much forgotten,unused and neglected in terms of maintenance and usability. Railroads are often seen as adirty and loud intrusion in the landscape and therefore cities turn their backs on them. Theland around railroads is not considered useful despite its often central location and scrublandis common in these areas.The starting point of this work is the restrictions and possibilities linked to the land withinthe security distance 30 meters from the railroad center. Within this security distance thereare numerous limitations and regulations due to the nature of railroad use. These limitationsare counted for in the initial chapter and lay the foundation for the rest of the work. Theorystudies and interviews compose the groundwork of the initial chapter where the properties ofthe security distance are described. This analysis constitutes the framework of limitations andpossibilities in this thesis.Every place and every city is unique. Therefore it is impossible to give a universal answerto the question of how best to utilize the land within the security distance. I have thereforechosen to look at this land from three diff erent perspectives - three different views of whatto do with the land from each perspective’s specific conditions. These views are generaland should as far as possible be interwoven, the most important aspect is to design with acomprehensive view in order to put the experience of the landscape in focus.My hopes are that the interest for this land will increase and that its potential will come intofocus instead of its problems. Since the land is often central in our cities it has high value andhopefully functionality and aesthetics can work together to render an attractive environment.The railroad is an important asset to every city and its central location is one of its biggestcompetitive advantages. With a better use of space along the tracks there are advantages forboth general urban life and travelers.

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