Hiphop över klasserna: En studie om lyssningsvanor, identitet och social hållbarhet bland gymnasieelever

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för globala studier

Författare: Simon Kettil; [2017-10-09]

Nyckelord: hip-hop; identity; appropriation; social class; social sustainability;

Sammanfattning: Hip-hop as a subject in social science has not been around for as long as many other musicgenres and this study is therefore able to fill a research gap when it comes to appropriation ofthis global genre between social classes in the context of Gothenburg. The aim of the essay ispartly to investigate how listening habits of hip-hop looks today depending on differences insocial class among high school adolescents and what those listening habits can tell us aboutdifferent forms of appropriation and identification. The study also analyses what socialpolitical problems/projects can be deduced from each group's most popular hip-hop lyrics.Appropriation, identity and social sustainability constitute the study's theoretical concepts.The tool for collecting material concerning listening patterns is questionnaires and theapproach on identity and appropriation will be analyzed through textual analysis of popularhip-hop songs and questionnaire answers. The results show that there are similarities in whichcontexts the adolescents listen to hip-hop but they differ in what they use it for as well as thesongs lyrical content. The conclusions are that, even though the working class show a higherproportion of listeners that identify themselves with hip-hop music and relate to the politicalissues raised in lyrics, a part of the middle class also use hip-hop for the same purposes. Thetextual analysis of both groups most popular hip-hop songs tells us that the working classmore often appropriate songs containing subjects as scarcity of food (poverty), unjust accessto education and criminality while the middle class appropriate a hip-hop that more frequentlyraises questions of gender equality and local affiliation.

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