Krigföring - Manöverkrigföring eller en ny paradigm

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Försvarshögskolan/Försvarshögskolan


Generations of war. William S. Lind and Thomas X. Hammes are two advocates of fourth generation warfare. Fourth generation warfare combatants uses all available tools to reach their goals. Different to today’s warfare fourth generation warfare has no distinct battlefield. Instead the society is the place om battle.


In this essay the author will provide a broader definition of fourth generation warfare that originates from Lind´s and Hammes´. The main issue of this essay is; if there is a change of paradigm in warfare. To answer this question the broader definition of fourth generation warfare and William S. Lind´s theory on maneuver warfare will be tested. The method of this studies is a theory testing case study with most similar design. The theories are tested on two cases, more exactly the Israeli actions during both Palestinian Intifadas.


The theories are decomposed into three indicators per theory, the indicators are the tested in the cases.


The result shows that the authors broader definition in not in accordance with the cases. Thereby the result shows that there has not been a change of paradigm in warfare.

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