Lärarrollen i förändring : En intervjustudie om lärares inställning till en förändrad lärarroll

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Södertörns högskola/Lärarutbildningen


During the past twenty years, the Swedish school systems have slowly changed to becomemore and more performance-driven. Private schools have been growing in general and, likeindependent schools and schools managed by municipalities, they profile themselves. Schoolsare becoming more performance and result-oriented, which has changed the roles of teachersin a dramatic way and is in general, still changing.

By profiling students based on theirindividual performance, schools are able to help students identify themselves and their owngoals. The process of profiling is a slow one in which some teachers adapt more quickly thanothers, and one that is critical for other teachers to learn in order to keep up with the demandsof society.Schools, like ordinary businesses, are in constant competition with each other to keep up withthe newest and greatest models of teaching and to rank among the best in high achievements.Perhaps the downside of this modern school structure is that it is often difficult to have aschool where both school management and teachers see eye to eye. School management must heavily focus on the school’s results as a whole. They rely on the teachers to produce theseresults among their students, which at times creates a heavy burden on teachers. The teachersare expected to have a much larger role, often ones that have to do with advertising for theschool in addition to teaching their students. In order to attract more student applications,school management expects that their teachers follow a curriculum that will produce highscores and grades.

This study was done with a secondary school in Stockholm, where four teachers and oneprincipal were interviewed in order to have their opinion of the discussion about teachers newposition in the school as they operate today.

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