Tonala skillnader i Ostindisk jakaranda och Europeisk lönn

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för konstruktions- och produktionsteknik


This graduation paper is based on my interest for wood and its different tonal quality’s.

After some time of thinking I decided to write my paper on the tonal difference between two of the most common woods in guitars, East Indian Rosewood and European Maple. I had built two identical guitars before my graduation paper in which the difference was the wood the back and sides were made of. One was being made of East Indian Rosewood and the other being made of European Maple.

I chose to speak with a number of people with different angle of approach to the two kinds of wood and its tonal difference and quality’s. I present my point of view to these two woods. I also present the point of view of guitarists and guitar makers.

To present picture proof off the tonal difference in the woods I chose to record notes from both of the test guitars that I’ve built and used in my work. The notes were processed by a program that present the ton in a spectrogram in which you can see the difference in the notes between the different guitars/woods.

I asked about the difference both tonal and esthetically in the interviews I did of the established guitar makers. Unfortunately I didn’t receive as many answers as I wished for but I felt that it was important to present the ideas about the woods from those guitar makers who answered.

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