Markägare i Stockholms län och deras inställning till biodiversitet och skydd av mark

Detta är en L3-uppsats från SLU/Dept. of Forest Resource Management

Sammanfattning: This report investigates what attitude private forest owners in the County of Stockholm, Sweden have towards biodiversity landconservation. Private landowners were asked to answer a questionnaire containing questions about there property and there attitude towards biodiversity. The results show that private landowners attitude towards biodiversity is affected by, amongst other things, the size of their property; a larger property have a more negative owner than a smaller property. A landowner that lives on his property has a more negative attitude towards biodiversity than a landowner that's not living on his property. I have found that women are more positive towards biodiversity than men. The larger the income from the property is the more negative is the landowner towards biodiversity. If the landowner feels that he had control over the process during the protection process he most likely is more positive towards biodiversity.

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