Reverse engineering : En processkartläggning på reverse engineering

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Uppsala universitet/Industriell teknik


Alstom Power Sweden AB in Norrköping isexpanding their business in the presentsituation and has implemented aprocedure for reverse engineering as apart of this work. Reverse engineeringat Alstom is an extensive procedurethat is calculated to be performedunder very time demanding conditions.

This thesis is a continued exertion ofthe implementation process in order toidentify and describe the mostimportant process steps in purpose to beable to manage and improve theprocess.This thesis was written with twoprimary objectives. The first was todescribe and map out the procedure torecreate technical data of a turbineblade, based on a validation of thereverse engineering process that hasbeen performed at Alstom in Norrköping.The second purpose was to describe thekey factors to achieve successful usageof reverse engineering that have beennoticed in the literature study.

The work is based on a literature studyon the subject reverse engineeringwhich produced the theoreticalknowledge of the method to reproducetechnical data to a product. Theliterature study has also led to adescription of reverse engineering froma legal perspective to clarify how farit is allowed to apply the methodaccording to the patent laws. With theliterature study as support and furtherhelp and guidance from individualswithin the reverse engineering unit atAlstom, a complete picture andunderstanding of the process has beenproduced and documented.

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