The Future of Shopping is On(Live) : En netnografisk studie om fenomenet Live Video Shopping och digitaliseringens roll i utvecklingen av modeindustrin

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för modevetenskap

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this bachelor thesis, called “The Future of Shopping is On(Live) - en netnografisk studie om fenomenet Live Video Shopping och digitaliseringens roll i utvecklingen av modeindustrin”, is to create a deeper understanding of the phenomenon Live Video Shopping. More specifically it aims to provide an understanding of how this new way of consumption can be understood as a part of an on-going developing fashion industry. More closely this study examines how digital relationships between brands and consumers are created and maintained. The study also aims to understand how Live Video Shopping can contribute to change in consumer behavior and the aspects of the created transparency through the platform. Previous research has focused on Live Video Shopping and live streaming in USA and foremost China, a country with a highly developed market in this area. Since Live Video Shopping is a relatively new phenomenon in the european market there is a research gap that this study wish to contribute to. This study is based on a qualitative method, combining textual analysis and netnography, by looking at Live Video Shopping-streams from Monki, Soft Goat and LuisaViaRoma and relevant articles discussing the phenomenon. This study shows that Live Video Shopping can be understood as an engaging consuming-process, through interactive elements of consuming, and therefore creating a platform where offline and online meet. As the consumers play a key role in the elements created in Live Video Shopping they should be seen as prosumers in this case. With this perspective Live Video Shopping can be interpreted as a creative way of developing the fashion industry in the digital field. Further, the findings of this study indicates that brands need to adjust to current circumstances in order to stay relevant to their consumers. For future research, the literature would benefit from developing old theories in relation to a developing fashion industry and new technological progresses. Further research could also focus on how the relationship between consumers and producers are changing. Finally, Live Video Shopping could be further studied as well as further activities online, such as shopping in groups.

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