Energieffektiva lösningar för småhus

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Utbildningar i Helsingborg

Sammanfattning: People's energy needs are constantly increasing, and with rising electricity prices, environmental degradation and reduced fossil fuel reserves of oil in particular, the need for new thinking is necessary. In Sweden, the construction sector stands for 40% of energy consumption and 60% of it is for heating and hot water. With those figures one realize the importance of finding alternative ways to reduce electricity demand but also make use of clean and renewable energy sources. In this report we wanted to follow a current house project being built in Rydebäck and investigate the suitability and feasibility of installing a heat pump and the cost of doing so. The report focuses on calculating the building's energy demand for heating and domestic hot water and choice of heat pump and its life-cost analysis. The results show that the choice of heat pump is controlled by electricity, costs and compliance with BBR `s requirements. Some heat sources such as lake heating etc. is not possible in the current case where the proximity of the lake is too far but the options is available in the places where proximity allows installation.

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