Monolithic Pt & Pd catalyst - Method for development of Pt & Pd monolithic catalyst in FORMOX™ ECS unit

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Kemiteknik (CI)

Sammanfattning: FORMOX™ is a formaldehyde production process, utilizing a metal oxide catalysts. The new generation of plants is pressurized, therefore the turbo charger concept has been developed. This concept deploys a turbine coupled to a compressor, where the turbine recovers a substantial part of the electric power needed to run the compressor, from the outlet of the emission control system unit (ECS) in the process. The ECS needs to operate with a lower pressure drop over the catalyst bed, for the turbocharger to reach its full potential. The present studies main objective is to make a comparison between the two different geometries and test several samples under different conditions to compare; light off temperatures and slip values. This work will lay the groundwork for a technical support method which will help Johnsson Matthey (JM) and its customers to predict life span- and emission from ECS catalysts. The results show that the monolith structure is more active and has a lower amount of slip than the pellet catalyst previously used. A mixture of Pt and Pd is also advantageous compared with a pure Pt monolith, and increases the activity further. Costumer trials show a correlation between catalyst operation time and activity, but no correlation between operation time and slip values.

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