Vad är marina kolonilotter - och hur kan de kopplas till hållbar utveckling?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / Institutionen för ekonomi och samhälle

Sammanfattning: Blue community gardens started out in Denmark ten years ago, as associations that cultivatemussels, oysters and algae. In Sweden the phenomenon is still relatively unknown. However,the ocean is a hot topic and there are multiple projects centered around the ocean along theSwedish west coast and plans exist to establish blue community gardens in the future. Despitethis, there is a lack of research about the phenomenon and there is no common definition ofblue community gardens. This constitutes a knowledge gap that this thesis aims to fill. Thestudy also aims to explore and describe blue community gardens and their potential in thecoastal area of west Sweden, in relation to economic, social and ecological sustainability. Thisthesis uses qualitative methods based on document analysis of literature and scientific reportsfrom adjacent subject areas and semi structured interviews. The study results have beenanalysed based on five chosen themes. From the analysis, a definition of the phenomenon bluecommunity gardens has been created. Blue community gardens can be defined as; a platformfor communal small-scale farming of shellfish, molluscs and algae in the ocean, whereenvironment, ocean literacy, socio-cultural connections and learning is in focus, regardless ifthe goal with the farming is social, self-sufficiency or commercial. In addition, potentialsassociated with blue community gardens have been identified, and the results show that thereare multiple social advantages, such as co-operation and democratic processes that come withthe associations, learning, ocean literacy and a sense of place. In addition, the farmed speciescan have a positive ecological impact on the ocean environment. Economically the potentiallies with tourism and restaurant businesses in connection to the blue community gardens, butthey could also be a way for fishermen to diversify their income.

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