Quality Management and process development from scratch: Improving laboratory capabilities in Assam, India

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Sammanfattning: During the past ten years, the foreign direct investment in India has increased with 1828 percent which has led to more projects being initiated in India to improve the livestock industry. The World Bank is the foremost entity in such investments and an issue arises when translating western theories for project management in new cultures. Because of this, development projects tend to stagnate and become inefficient since project goals and templates cannot be applied. Previous studies conducted in Africa have created successful methods called SLMTA to make projects and processes more efficient. SLMTA is a framework to improve the capability and accreditation in laboratory environment. Total Quality Management is one of the methods used in this framework. This study examines how Total Quality Management and process mapping can improve the capability of a laboratory in Guwahati, Assam, India. The underlying theories of this study derives from project management and total quality management where role definition, project triangle, project process, process management and the pareto principle are used. The study is supported by methods from total quality management such as process mapping, affinity diagram, relationship diagram, and process decision program chart. The findings from the study indicate that the development project of the laboratory in central Guwahati is shaped as a project process where project management and process development are implemented in parallel which impairs the efficiency. The study also shows cultural knowledge is a key aspect to create efficient projects and processes in development countries. Finally, the study finds that culturally adapted quality management tools, process mapping and project management are vital for improved efficiency in laboratory environment.

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