Photovoltaic power potential on Gotland: A comparison with load, wind power and power export possibilities

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för geovetenskaper


The Swedish Island of Gotland provides an interesting case of how renewable energy technologies can be combined and integrated into the electricity system. The study simulates the load, wind power production and PV power production to estimate the PV power potential for existing buildings on Gotland.The theoretical PV power potential on Gotland is calculated to be 667 MW. The PV power potential is split between 28% for dwelling buildings, 9% for multi-dwelling buildings, 7% for industry and 56% for other buildings. The current limit for wind power on Gotland is 195 MW. With the installed capacity of 194 MW wind power, an additional of 22 MW of PV power is possible to integrate without increasing the hours of overload on the power cable. With the prospected submarine power cable, a total of 529 MW PV power is possible to integrate with the existing 194 MW of wind power.

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