Robotisering av produkthantering vid produktion av gummilist

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Högskoleingenjörsutbildning i datateknik

Sammanfattning: Bostik AB has long had a production where parts of the production are done manually. These parts include that an employee needs to lift a rubber pulp from a conveyor belt, twist and put the rubber pulp into a pallet. The employee should then put on a plastic patch between each layer. This process can in the long run be unhealthy for the employees who will carry out the movement because repeated lifting and twisting can cause severe strains and wear on the body. Because of this Bostik has the goal of robotizing the process. Bostik also has the goal of increasing its production by robotizing the process and moving the labor to other parts of production that are less harmful to the employees. This bachelor thesis has been carried out at ÅF AB for Bostik and is aimed at investigating whether it is possible to robotize the process and to develop a solution proposal. The solution proposal includes choice of robot model, layout of peripherals and component list. What has been investigated in the report is a comparison between the various robot solutions industrial robot and portal robot, but also if a robot was really necessary. These surveys have been made to see what fits best for this project. In the analysis it shows that a robot solution would fit best. In this case, an industrial robot with four degrees of freedom would suit best for this project as a portal robot's lift racer in y-direction would hit an existing inner roof that the production line is below when it is in the top position. An industrial robot with four degree freedom is considered sufficient in this project as it only needs to be able to grab things from one direction. In addition to a proposal for a robot, a list of peripheral equipment such as PLC to conveyor belts and HMI for the product line has also been developed. The thesis has not taken into account any mechanical aspects of the robotization. It has not taken into account any other parts of production other than the part where the rubber mass is moved from the conveyor belt to the pallet.

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