Det första man förknippar det med är tjejer som skär sig : En kvalitativ studie om professionellas beskrivningar av självskadebeteende

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Institutionen för socialt arbete (SA)

Sammanfattning: Abstract   Author: Robert Andersson & Oskar Karlsjö Title:“My first thought is a girl that cuts herself” – A qualitative study about professionals in human service organizations description of self-injurious behavior. Supervisor: Ann Ottengrim Assessor: Rickard Ulmestig   The purpose of this study has been to understand how professionals in human service organizations (HSO) describe self-injuries behaviour, how they describe the individuals that self-harm and if the professionals describe any possible differences in how men and women self-harm as well as how professional’s knowledge concerning self-injurious behaviour is contructed. The study answers three questions; - What kind of actions do professionals in HSO describe as being self-injurious behaviour? - How is knowledge constructed by professionals in HSO concerning self-injurious behaviour? - How are people who engage in self-injurious behaviour being described? - How do professionals in human service organizations describe potential differences between men and women´s self-injurious behaviour?   Qualitative interviews have been chosen as the method in this study to gather empirical data and the social constructionism theory has been implemented to analyse the empirical data. The result of this study shows that self-injurious behaviour is a complex and at the same time a dynamic phenomenon. There are a lot of different actions that are being describes as being self-injurious behaviour. An individual that cuts its own body tissue or an individual that often gets involved in psychical fights are examples of acts that are being described as having a self-injurious behaviour. The informants also described that their knowledge and what they define as self-injurious behaviour has changed over time in the field which indicates that self-injurious behaviour is a dynamic category. According to our results it doesn’t seem to exist a stereotype of whom and why someone engages in self-harm. But men tend to self-harm in a more severe way than women.

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