DET MULTIMODALA LÄRARJOBBET Lektionsdesign i ämnet svenska på gymnasiet, med film, podcasts och musik

Detta är en Master-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: The result suggests that teachers mainly use digital, multimodal resources that are freely available, produced in equal parts for education, and for a general audience. An important cause seems to be the connection to students' everyday lives and that resources can be made available to students, regardless of time and place. All goals from the syllabus appear in the teaching activities. Theresources are used predominantly for oral discussions in the classroom and to a lesser extent for written follow-up. Additional highlighted factors in the use of digital, multimodal resources, with moving images and / or sound, are the possibilities of adaptation to teachers own teaching. Factors of the timeconsuming process finding suitable material, watch and listen through resources,and structure and plan the lesson design are also brought forward. Written language appears to maintain its strong position and further research indeveloping digital literacy is needed. Podcasts and music, as a learning resource, shows interesting results for students' involvement and is thus a research question to explore further.

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