Utmaningar för muslimska flickors inkludering i idrott

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Örebro universitet/Institutionen för hälsovetenskaper

Författare: Baham Jamshidi; Samuel Koskinen; [2022]

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Sammanfattning: Introduction: The problem area in this essay is about Muslim girls' participation in school Physical Education (PE) and physical activity. According to various studies Muslim girls participate to a lesser extent in PE and physical activity in society.  Aim: The purpose of this literature study is to develop a broader understanding of how Muslim girls are included or excluded in physical activities at school as well as in society. The question that the study tries to answer is: What contextual conditions enable or limit the active participation of Muslim girls in physical education and physical activities in society? Method: This study is a literature review and includes a sample of 20 articles. The material was collected through various databases, such as ERIC (EBSCO), PsycINFO and SPORTDiscus.  Results: The results show that Muslims girls face several obstacles when trying to participate in PE and physical activity. The main findings were classified into three major categories: 1. "The impact of the family on the physical activity of Muslim girls", 2. "The conditions for Muslim girls to participate in school sports education", and 3. "gender stereotypes in connection with physical activity".  Conclusion: The conclusions reveal that the relationship between PE, physical activity and Muslim girls are very complex. There are tendencies for Muslim girls to be included and excluded from school sports and physical activity for various reasons. Some of the difficulties identified in this study include the dress-code, traditional gender norms in PE and physical activity and Muslim families setting guidelines for which sports lessons their girls may or may not participate in. Finally, the results show the importance of teachers in school having a good knowledge of Islam as well as a good relationship and communication with Muslim parents to contribute to an inclusive PE for Muslim girls.                 

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