Melankoli, ångest och smärta hos två modernistiska konstnärer : En undersökning av hur Nils Dardels och Frida Kahlos sinnesstämningar påverkadederas konst

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Konstvetenskapliga institutionen

Sammanfattning: This thesis will explore and compare two artists who at first meeting seem to have very littlein common more than being two modernist artists. The Swedish artist Nils Dardel and theMexican artist Frida Kahlo, even though the obvious differences — sex and nationality —came to have quite similar fates. Both artists were bisexual, came across death at an early age and as a consequencewould die rather young too, and in life would both struggle with pain and anxiety. The twoartist never met in life even though their similarities, and still after life their fates wouldcontinue on a similar path as they both after death would receive greater recognition. Nils Dardels and Frida Kahlos art is filled with emotions and portray themes that stilltouches people who comes across them today. What is it in their art that touches so manypeople, and do they have similar themes just as the similar aspects in their lives. These themes and two artists will be studied and analysed in this thesis. This thesispresents biographical background and will through a semiotic and comparative methodanalysis a total of six artworks made by the artists. This thesis by these methods will alsoexamine the two artists later receptions and try to explain how they came to be. 

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