Operationssjuksköterskors strategier för att förhindra intraoperativa stick- och skärskador

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Sammanfattning: Background: Workrelated needlestick and sharp injuries within the healthcare sector, with risk for potential bloodborne pathogen exposure, is a global concern. Every day theatre nurses are at risk for exposure to percutan injury during different surgical procedures. The risk is significant due to the sharp instruments and suture needles that is being handled. The EU directive have guidelines how to prevent sharp injuries and in Vårdhandboken there are current safe local work routines to follow. These guidelines and routines are not always implemented and needlestick and sharp injuries fail to be reported.Aim: The aim with this study was to identify and describe theatre nurses strategies to prevent intraoperativ needlestick and sharp injuries.Method: To meet the aim of this study a kvalitative method was chosen with an empiric design. Semistructured individual interviews were conducted with eight professional female theatre nurses between ages 29 to 72. A manifest content analysis based on Graneheim and Lundmans concept have been used to study the informants own personal experiences and strategies word by word.Result: Three main categories appeared during the collection of data. Communication:The importance of good communication between the theatre nurse and the surgeon. Order:The strategies to prevent needlestick and sharp injuries varied between different theatre nurses although some strategies were similar. Safety: Safety procedures were not alike at different operating theatres.Conclusion: There are preventative measures to be done against needlestick and sharp injuries but those are not fully implemented. Individual strategies developes through work experience but national guidelines to secure a safe intraoperative work environment should be prepared and implemented. A basic education training should be mandatory for all theatre nurses and surgeons to reduce the needlestick and sharp injuries.

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