Dörröppningarnas påverkan på bakteriebärande luftpartiklar på operationssalen. En systematisk litteraturöversikt

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Sammanfattning: Background: The surgical nurse must work to promote patient safety and prevent postoperative infections as this is one of the most common healthcare related infections in Sweden. The infection prevention work includes the surgical nurse preserving the aseptic before, during and after the procedure. It is also included to try to limit the number of door openings that occur during surgery. Previous research reveals that the frequency of door openings during ongoing surgery is high and that limiting the door openings is absolutely necessary for the ventilation systems to function accurately. Aim: The aim of the study was to investigate the impact of door openings on CFU value in conjunction with surgery based on different ventilations systems. Method: A systematic literature study was conducted by searching the scientific databases PubMed and Scopus. An initial review of the articles was done at the title and abstract level. The articles were then read in full. According to selection criteria, articles were then included or excluded for quality review. Quality review was performed using Caldwell's review template. Results: Twelve quantitative articles were included in the literature review and resulted in three headings: The effect of door openings in a unidirectional ventilation, The effect of door openings in a mobile unidirectional ventilation and The effect of door openings in a conventional ventilation. Door openings' negative effect on CFU value can be demonstrated in seven (n=7) of the reviewed articles. Conclusion: The results show that conventional turbulent ventilation is more sensitive than unidirectional ventilation to door openings which increases the CFU value in the operating room. To achieve ultra-clean air with a conventional ventilation system, a mobile unidirectional (LAF) unit can be placed over the operating area. Surgical departments should review procedures to reduce door openings regardless of ventilation system to increase patient safety.

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