Vägen till framgång – utifrån företagsledarnas perspektiv: en statistisk analys av Framförföretagen i Gästrikland

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Avdelningen för ekonomi

Sammanfattning: Title: The way to success Level: Final assignment for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration Authors: Larisa Glazkova and Veronika Larsson Supervisor: Jonas Kågström Date: 2011 – January Aim: Many companies are started each year, but only some of them are successful and generate worthwhile profits. Many new companies do not survive the first few years. The purpose of this thesis is to identify factors that can lead to success for small and medium-sized enterprises in Gästrikland. Method: We analysed 559 interview surveys that were collected during the years 2004-2010 and success factors were defined. Additionally, financial reports from the database Retriever were analysed. A regression analysis on return on equity, return on assets, profit margin, revenue growth, net sales and success factors was carried out. Results & Conclusions: By using qualitative and quantitative methods, we identified some group factors (forward quest, soft values, knowledge/skills, and management/organisation) as well as some single success factors (economic balance, contacts, competence, entrepreneurship, flexibility, law following, etc.) that led to success. Suggestions for future research: The database contains survey responses and can form the basis for future research. Some researchers from the Centre for Musculoskeletal Research already use the database to write articles and essays. Success can be measured by other variables than profitability and growth. Profitability and growth can also be measured with different ratios. This opens up for new possibilities for further statistical surveys. Furthermore, other statistical methods can be used. Thesis contribution: The research shows the most important factors that can lead to success. The result can be used by small and medium sized companies that want to improve their business or by those who are planning to start up a new business and are in need of advice on this. Key words: success, management, business, result, profit, companies

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