Fem Sinnen : Utveckling av äventyrsrum för Boda Borg

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Karlstads universitet/Fakulteten för teknik- och naturvetenskap

Författare: Lina Strinnholm; [2006]

Nyckelord: Experiende; Adventure; Upplevelse; Äventyr;


The Innovation- and Design Engineer program at Karlstad university is a three year long engineer education. In the last phase a final piece is to be done and in this case Boda Borg in Skellefteå is the company in need of product development. Boda Borg is a company in the experience industry and they are located in nine cities from Gällivare in the north of Sweden to Karlskrona in the south. Boda Borg is a franchise company where every facility is their own. As a visitor you will experience physical challenges as well as intellectual in adventure rooms which are serial linked. A solved problem in one room gives access to the next and there are three to six rooms in a row.

Boda Borg in Skellefteå wants to exchange a third of their adventure rooms every year and are interested in developing rooms where more senses are involved. The task has been to create rooms or a concept where multiple senses are activated.

The work has been executed in seven phases: field studies, litterature study, idea generating, evaluation, choice of concept, concept development and finally development of presentation material. The field studies have been executed in two Boda Borg facilities (Karlskoga, Skellefteå) and also in other public facilities whose interests are to give the visitor an experience, for example museums. In the idea generating phase several methods were used to get as much ideas as possible in an unrestrained way. At the part time presentation three lanes containing three rooms each had been put together and at further evaluation a choice of concept could be done. The lane that distinguished the most from today’s lanes was chosen. The concept was developed.

In the concept we get to follow a musical superstar from rehearsal room to the stage via the recording studio. The lane has a distinct theme where the rooms are decorated like they were in the 50’s and some sound illustrations have been added to increase the experience. Humour has been added as well so the activity is experienced as funny rather than just an achievement.

To make the presentation legible details has been manufactured such as a funny wig and a platform on which dance is to be performed. A CAD model as well as a physical one has also been made. The computer program ArchiCAD was used to make the CAD model.

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