CRM : En kvalitativ undersökning om hur tjänsteföretag med högengagemangsprodukter bedömer konsekvenser av implementering av CRM

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Företagsekonomi

Författare: Natnael Koreri; Rimon Mansouri; [2022]

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Sammanfattning: With the digitalization and the technological innovations that have paved the way for new participants to establish themselves in the market, there has been high competition inmarkets. This has led to an increased customer awareness among companies that now increasingly value long-term relationships. Customer Relationship Management has then become a system that companies turn to in order to create and maintain profitable relationships with customers. The purpose of this study has been to investigate how service companies with high-commitment products assess the consequences of implementing CRM as a business strategy. The theoretical framework consisted of customer relations, relationship marketing and Customer Relationship Management. Two previous researches studied CRM, where one examined CRM-components that had a positive impact on customer loyalty from the customer perspective, and where the other examined crucial factors for the introduction of CRM processes in the service sector. These previous researches were investigated by quantitative method, and unlike these researches, the current study studied CRM through a qualitative method. A qualitative method with semi-structured interviews was chosen as the approach. In the study, 8 different service companies were interviewed where the empirical data were collected and analyzed to finally reach the conclusion. What the study has been able to show through the collected data is that CRM takes time to implement in companies and that it takes time for employees to get used to the system. At the same time, CRM is a system that streamlines companies’ working methods as they save time, labor and money, while at the same time it leads to them getting satisfied customers becoming loyal to the companies.

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