All You Need is Likes : En fenomenografisk studie om medarbetares förutsättningar för employee advocacy i två organisationer

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Pedagogik

Sammanfattning: The world of social media is here to stay, and while it offers plenty of opportunities for employers and organizations it is also said to be the biggest challenge for professional com-municators. Through employee advocacy, individuals can communicate the message of their organization to their whole network with merely the click of a button. But what makes the individual want to be an ambassador for their organization? The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors that create the conditions necessary for employee advocacy to happen. In the two organizations being studied, we have achieved this by analyzing and discussing employ-ees' perceptions regarding their role as ambassadors in the social media activities of each company. We have used a qualitative approach and phenomenography as the method. We collected our empirical data through interviews with a total of seven employees at the two companies. The inter-views make up the basis of our result section. As theory, we chose to focus on organizational culture, identity, ambassa-dorship and social media, which we later analyzed together with the results. The conclusion of the study is that a strong sense of ambassadorship is a prerequisite for employee ad-vocacy to happen, but such ambassadorship is not enough to make people want to act as employee advocates in social media. The individual also needs to feel comfortable about, and have a fundamentally positive approach to sharing mes-sages in social media. In order to create this positive ap-proach, organizations need to take the norms of the employ-ees’ generation into account.

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